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Get the RIP! AccuRip

For my fellow screen printers. If you want to get into some higher end detail printing that involves simulate process, 4 color process or spots with half tones. Then you need to bite the bullet and invest in some rip software. I personally don’t know anything about it, but I can direct you to someone that does. 
I suggest AccuRip because a lot of my clients use it and are happy.

Give Bob Drake a call and let him give you a quick tour and make sure your settings are correct? In just a five or ten minute phone call we can help you get the maximum benefit out of your AccuRIP trial. Reach Bob at 800-659-8337 x10 or after hours and weekends at his cell 732-492-7722.

Back to the Drawing Board with Gary

How I got where I am now. Part ONE

After graduating art school, which was an entire story of it’s own, in fear of being one of those jobless graduates you hear about. (Those people that either can’t get a job or are just too lazy to put forth the effort and go on some tree hugging, mind clearing, find yourself expedition.) I decided to work full time at a local T-shirt printer. A job that I got, on my own mind you, between semesters until I found a REAL JOB (as my parents would put it)

The Art school gladly took credit for me getting a job, to add to their job placement credits. (Even though my employer had never heard of them and better yet, the school never heard of him either. ) I was asked what position I held. I answered that I printed the shirts and did some artwork. They listed me as ART DIRECTOR. I suppose since I was the only employee and I now held a degree in art, I was the only qualified person to be ART DIRECTOR. I have never stated this on any resume I ever wrote. But then again, I wasn’t trying to convince parents of graduating high school students to attend my school over a community college or worse yet a state university.

I worked at this shop with what my father referred to as state of the cave equipment for eight years. I stayed as long as I could tolerating half ass quality due to antique equipment and fly from the seat of your pants management. The average human being can only tolerate 8 years of being micro-managed. So after seeing my boss walk in the door just one too many times looking way too happy for my taste. When you get to the point the only thing that goes through your head, is wanting to wipe that ridiculous happy look off their face… it’s time to quit. So I did. Just like that. Walked right passed him, handed him a resignation that I spent the last hour on his time writing on a scrap piece of paper and never looked back.

I went right down the street to his competition, got a job immediately and regretted every since. Talk about jumping out of the pot into the fire. I jumped past the fire, went straight to hell and was now working for the devil himself. I spent the next year not getting paid while listening to every excuse in the book and believing it. I finally got the shits of it, took a job as a pizza delivery dude (free stupid looking uniform included) and just decided not to ever go back. I prayed to god that neither him or my previous employer would every order delivery. If you think I wanted to slap a look off of someone for being happy, what the hell would I have wanted to do seeing that, “Oh Look at you and where you ended up” look.

I plead the fifth.


Airbrushing Apparel

When I was younger, and when I say younger I mean mid 20s, we were just married and our first little one was born. Being young and just starting out, money was tight. So I did the only thing I really knew how to do, airbrush tshirts. Ok so maybe I knew how to do other things, but airbrushed tshirts were marketable at the time. Nobody around was really doing it. And being the geek I am, I steered toward comic books and super heros.
You see, back in the old days, and when I say old days I mean before the internet, in order to market something you had to get face to face with people. At least the right people.
So instead of trying to tell each person about my product, I approached store owners to sell my shirts on consignment and let them tell their customers about my product.
I made some nice side money doing those back in the day.
So after having a few more youngsters that slowly invaded my extra space. And when I say extra space I meant art studio. With limited space, the airbrushing got put on the back burner.
So much has changed since then. The paint I use is the same but with improvements. I used createx which was recently new product back then and now createx makes a better paint called Wicked which I totally love the name. Here is a photo of a shirt I did for my wife’s co worker’s little girl, who gave it back to is when her daughter out grew it and was passed down to my 3 kids. This shirt is 19 years old and went through 4 kids and countless washings.

And here is my newest Gene Simmons that I sell on my website store >


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Screen Printing. That’s what I do.

I posted last night a short little blurb about Screen Printing.  Afterwards, I thought, maybe I should start a blog that is informational about screen printing, allowing others to comment and share their input. And to start a Facebook Page dedicated to it. SO………..I did.

Here is a link to my NEWEST Blog….T-shirt Talk with Gary Rudisill


T-Shirt Talk is a blog dedicated to Imprinted Apparel or Screen Printing and at time will focus on some embroidery.

I encourage people to follow and interact.  After being in the Imprinted Apparel Business for over 20 years, as an artist and printer and business owner, I still enjoy the art of printing and sharing information and stories.

There is a written tutorial on Index Color Separating in Adobe Photoshop and several indepth Video Tutorials on Spot Color Separating in Adobe Photoshop.  These tutorials are worth a lot money wise. Many printers and artists pay good money for third party plugin software that doesn’t give you the control this way does.

I started a FACEBOOK PAGE for T-Shirt Talk


Also I have a new QR Code for the Gary Rudisill Newsletter.

*note you will need a QR Scanner App for your Iphone or Droid phone