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Charcoal Painting. My YouTube Channel

I have had a YouTube Channel for a few years now.  You can see anything from digital drawing, clips from my favorite models, tutorials on color separating for screen printing, some short clips of me drawing or inking.  It’s a mixture of everything.

In the next few weeks I will be posting newer videos and deleting some older ones in an attempt to organize things.

Here is my latest video.  My daughter, Tori and I were experimenting with equipment and set up.   Usually, I have her prepare it and edit it for the final, but this time I attempted it.  With that said, there is a section that is MISSING A LINK, just forward through it.  This was a bit of a crash course for me.   As I add more, this one will surely be deleted.  But for now, I wanted to give you a preview of my technique.  In the coming future, there will be more start to finish time lapse videos.

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Princess Leia Step by Step

Princess Leia Step by Step
Line drawing.  Darkening some of the shadows.  This drawing is on bristol board.
I went a head and did the midtones in the background.  Doing this helps me get a nicer contrast with the shading.
I went right in to the hair.  Normally, I wait until the end to do the hair, but this time I just dove right in.  I also darkened the eyes a little.
Some more of the hair and midtones on her face.
Working on the hands and completing the hair on the other side.  It’s time to start on her face.
Adding some shadows and midtones starts bringing her to life.  She is starting to look like Leia.
Working on darkening the midtones before darkening the shadows.
Starting to go dark on the shadows. I like my darks almost black.  I love contrast.
Here’s te final.  I threw in a stylized background.  I like the viewer to see it’s a drawing and this rough style depicts that.
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Making of Crissy Gold Card Step by Step

This is a double size ACEO card.  (3.5″x5″) done completely with colored pencils.   I normally use paints or markers for an under painting but on this I wanted to just try out straight up colored pencils.
 Started with the outline in light graphite. Added some flesh tones and shadow areas.
More flesh tones and shadows. When using colored pencils, I use a lot of colors to get the flesh tones right.  I don’t have any specific colors I use.  I do tend to use a brownish red and a golden yellow/  I determine what colors after studing the reference picture.  Depending on the lighting dictates the color direction I will be using.
Now, I am just relayering the midtones and shadow to give it contrast.
Using the reference pic, I decide to use the same brown in the sweater.
Adding red to the flesh being careful not to over due it.  Too much red would make Crissy look like she has a sun burn.
Now onto the hair.
Adding red to the sweater and working on the hair some more.
Here is the final
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Tauriel Step by Step

I start with a light pencil sketch. Since I do a lot of my work with graphite, I try to keep from getting to much shading with the pencil.  You only want to really add the shadow areas.  Then I add a very light coat of fixitive to hold the graphite.
I free hand the first flesh color, not too worried if the color runs into the hair.  Focusing on the shadows and midtones.  Pay close attention to the highlight areas, this saves a lot of time so you don’t have to try and pull out the highlight areas with an eraser.  Plus, the more of the board you have the more realistic the hightlights look instead of trying to do a ton of erasing or trying to use white over top. As you can see, I got a little heavy over the ear,  this is going to be a challenge to fix.
Adding in some pink, going into the shadow areas, the eye lids and the lips. Again this is all freehand. I also come in with an eraser pencil to pull out some of the highlights.
Now I start adding some background with a regular brush. And then a little to the sky area with the airbrush.
Adding some more pink to the face to add volume to her cheeks.
Now, I come in with colored pencil to keep the hair detailed and seperated.
A little more fine tuning with the colored pencils in the ears and around the eyes
Colored pencils in layers to color in her jacket.  I concentrate on the eyes, nose, mouth and ears with the colored pencils. I use a lot of light layers with the colored pencils.  I figure you can always add more but have a hell of a time trying to take it away.
Adding in white highlights and strands of hair with a regular brush. Detailing some final touches like the lips.  And this is finished.
Here is the final. I painted the border black to cover up the overspray because I didn’t think to mask it first. 
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I just recently purchased another sketch book.  I think without realizing it, artists tend to theme their sketch books. Maybe it’s just me. 

Anyways, skulls seems to be the subject for this book. I need something to draw so I’m constantly sketching.  This seems to interest me. Either that or the darkness in me is starting to come to the surface. 


   Here’s a link to a short video of the drawing of this CLICK HERE