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Charcoal Painting. My YouTube Channel

I have had a YouTube Channel for a few years now.  You can see anything from digital drawing, clips from my favorite models, tutorials on color separating for screen printing, some short clips of me drawing or inking.  It’s a mixture of everything.

In the next few weeks I will be posting newer videos and deleting some older ones in an attempt to organize things.

Here is my latest video.  My daughter, Tori and I were experimenting with equipment and set up.   Usually, I have her prepare it and edit it for the final, but this time I attempted it.  With that said, there is a section that is MISSING A LINK, just forward through it.  This was a bit of a crash course for me.   As I add more, this one will surely be deleted.  But for now, I wanted to give you a preview of my technique.  In the coming future, there will be more start to finish time lapse videos.

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Art for Sale

My Prints and where to buy them

I currently decided to do a little more with my Fine Arts America account.  I have uploaded the same files that use for my Limited Edition Prints and Artists Proofs, to allow sales of Open Edition Prints.

What is the difference?  Open Edition prints are unsigned other than the signature from the original image that is printed and they are not numbered.  Where my Limited Edition prints are numbered, signed and come matted.

The reason I decided on allowing Open Edition is mainly to have more of an internet presence.  I now some people would rather shop online than to call someone. Plus the Open Editions are less expensive than the Limited Editions.

CLICK HERE to check out my Open Edition Prints

Gary Rudisill Fine Art America
Gary Rudisill Fine Art America

Not only can you buy Open Edition Prints, but you can buy Canvas Prints, Acrylic Prints, Metallic Prints, Greeting Cards and even Throw Pillows and phone cases.

However, if your are not interested in the Open Editions and want to know where to purchase my Limited Editions and Original Art, you will have to contact the only place currently carrying these, Gifts Inn Boonsboro.

Go to or Contact Natoma Vargason at or call them at Phone: 301-432-0090
or visit 16 N. Main Street, Boonsboro, MD 21713


For all my friends and fans that stop in to Gifts Inn Boonsboro, especially the Romance Readers, make sure you stop next door at the Turn the Page Book Store.  This independent bookstore is owned and operated by Bruce Wilder, the husband of New York Times bestselling author, Nora Roberts.  Go to for upcoming book signings.

So there you have it.  Now you know where to buy my Limited Edition Prints and Original Art and you know where to purchase my Open Edition Prints.  If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at