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Sketch Card Set: Island Dreams

Here are a few of my cards for the sketch card set, Island Dreams available November 1st.

In 2011 Marty Kuklinski of WLRA’s Saturday mornings Big Burrito Radio came up with Island Dreams, a tropical themed sketch card set, the sets sold out in less than a day and we raised $2000 for the charity. So far the charity set has raised over $15,000!!  

This year the set is the girls of the island. Each card pack will contain a deck of playing card (yes, real playing card) as well as 2 hand drawn sketch cards by one of our great Island Dreams artists. So get ready for some great artwork to support a great charity!

Artist List (Subject to change)

William BJ Kunkle

Michelle Lewis

Jon Riggle

Kylie Johnston

Del Perry Nayra

Jeff Sornig

Scott Glenn

Walter Rice

Christopher Chamberlain

Jenny Creech

Mel Uran

Chris Zarichansky

Bien Flores

Lynne Anderson

Johnny Townsend


Ryan van der Draaij

Wu Wei

Jeff Abar

Nikole Jones

Anastasia Catris

Amy Fletcher

Clinton Yeager

Dani MacMullen

Robin Mies

Diana Greenhalgh

Laura Ingils

Cayce Moyer

Paul Cowan

Lily Z Mercado

Jason Durden

Drew Lopez

Chris Foreman

George Leon

Chris Thorne

Dianne “Greenwoman” Wickes

Natalya Tasha Nez

Brooke Safken

Jason Shoemaker

Jesse Hughes

Prassedes Ciappolino-Williams

Alfret Le

Barush Merling

Rivana Art

Mohammad Jilani

Terry Pavlet

Alex Riegel

Mark Martino
Christina Ranburger

Sal Galindo

Solly Mohamed

Pierre Beauchemin

Jonty Gates

Elisa Chong

Kevin Munroe

Matt Slusher

Christina Baker

Rusty Gilligan

Stephanie Rosales

Jenni Gregory

William Withers

Helga Wojik

Kate Carleton

Louis Small Jr.

J. Ryan Abney

Huy Truong

Vincenzo D’Ippolito

Norvierto P. Basio

Elfie Lebouleux

Dani Hoy

Shane McCormack

Gary Rudisill

Chris Papantoniou

Merryalina Drew

Jon Rademacher

Michael Sumislaski

Randy Kintz

Sharon Gauthier

Matthew Stewart

Elias Gambet Melendez

Kelly Greider

Aaron Beylerian

Courtney Rose Hennessey

James Morgan Jr.

April Goulart

Alfredo Galicia

Isabelle Angell

Jose Carlos Sanchez

Luro Hersal

Linda van Ballegooijen

Ben AbuSaada

Katie Cook

Robert “Floydman” Sumner

How To's

Miraculous Lady Bug Step By Step

It all starts with a rough that turns into a sketch.  I use the red because it glides across the paper and gives me nice curves.  When I am satisfied with the sketch I transfer it to Grey Toned paper.  I’ve been wanting to try the colored pencils on the toned paper.
With a nice light pencil line so that it can be easily erased, I start with flesh tones.  Luckliy, Lady Bug only has her face showing, which makes it easy to experiment with the flesh color.  I tend to get the flesh colors a little too red, so this was a great project to experiment on.
Now, the eyse and her mask.  I have been playing around with a manga style for the eyes.  The mask has about 3 shades of reds. Her eyelashes are done with my brush pen.
Now, this was the most laborous part…alll that red!  I really paid attention to keeping the highlights the paper color so that I’m not trying to over use the white pencil.  Threw in some purples and blues to get the shadows.
Finally, the hair.  I used purples and blues along with the black and greys.
I use a white colored pencil to burnish and blend the colors.  Sometimes I use a coloreless blender, but I find in the sections with highlights it’s helpful to just use the white pencil.
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Whisper and other multiple projects.

I’ve been working off and on with this particular drawing.  Not out of choice but due to multiple projects.  What projects?

Awe! LOL – well its a secret.  I can not post anything about it on my social media outlets.  Ya know Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and I would say etc, but really what else is there?  Oh wait. (I just felt like Steve from Blues Clues just now) Oh Wait, this isnt social media anymore, its my actual Website NOW!!!!

So here is My Latest Charcoal which is currently at the framer. and getting ready to head towards Gifts Inn Boonsboro for its big day in October.  What big day? You people really need to keep up huh? LOL…..Whisper is part of my debate art show in Boonsboro at Gifts Inn Boonsboro as part of the Nora Roberts Book Signing for the NEW release of her latest series, which is based in Ireland and I have to say, it sounds very intriguing. Enough that your’s truly may even pick up a Romance Book and read it, non the less, have Nora Sign it. 🙂

Here is Whisper

21″x16″ Charcoal on Arches Watercolor Paper


and NOW for all the secret stuff. Since you are on my ACTUAL Website!!!!

Sketch cards.  But not only sketch cards….pinup sketch cards that will be released at the ComicCon in Chicago this August.

These sketch cards are double size. Why? because they are done with another artist and cut, to make a puzzle.

In fact, they are Contemporary Pin Up Puzzles and I had the honor of doing some with great artists like my friend Charles Bristow aka Capt. Frogger.

These are actual hand drawn, inked and colored with copic markers. Signed by each artist. It was a fun project. Really exciting for me. 🙂

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Bare butts, Naked Pin Ups and Psp Tubes oh,,,,and snow

Well, I’ve been busy busy. I completed 2 extremely MULTI Layered PSP TUbes for Scraps and the City.

The first one, is my Pre Paid PSP COMMISSION named “Sarah”

and here is all her layers.

3 Different Hair COlor Layers
7 Different Color Panty Layers
Optional Bare Butt
Optional Tattoo Layer
13 Differnt Sweatshirt Layers
8 Different Stocking Color Layers
3 Different Color Eyes Layers
4 different Color undershirt Layers
Brick wall background with 2 optional Gary RUdisill Graffitti Writing



And my second extremely crazy Multi Layered Tube named “Marie”

and she has

20 Different Color Stocking Layers
3 Different Eye Color Layers
4 Different Eye Shadow Layers
1 Shadow Layer
3 Background Layers

and eBay Auctions…I have a few going on this week

Pen and Ink of Brooke Knight  CLICK HERE




and Lil Red Limited Editon ACEO CLICK HERE


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Facebook, Text Messaging, Emails and Ferris Bueller

We are a few days into Spring and here in South Central Pennsylvania……it still doesn’t quite feel like it.  I was reminded of that last night when watching “Rise of the Guardians” with the kids. When the Easter Bunny mentioned how he had ill feelings toward Jack Frost because he made it snow and ruined his Easter Egg Hunt one year. It was a good movie and I love spending time with the kids. Even though my oldest was working close shift at McDonald’s 😦

Anyway, yesterday made me realize or better understand the power of the word, or maybe the lack of words.  I don’t know. Ok, let’s start here. A friend of mine on Facebook, posted something which got a lot of comments.  And tagged a mutual friend in one of the comments and typed a smiley face after it. I LIKED the comment, thinking this is all fun and games. Well, that person took it wrong and got upset. I’m sure that the original intent was not to upset no one and by me LIKIing it was certainly not my intent to feed it.  So, I sent this person a private message, cause, well, I was concerned….I don’t like seeing anyone upset over something like this.  And I know a lot of people reading this are like, well it’s their fault for taking it so personal. But let me assure you, its a different story when its you and not someone else. Just pointing that out. Anyway the whole thing got settled and to find out the friend who made the original post also private messaged this person too. So its all good.

But let’s shed some light on words. Text messages, emails or social media posts. They have no character as far as hearing emotion. But they do tend to have emotion set to them depending on what mood the person reading it is in. Sound familar or sound strange? We are all guilty and all been there. Something as simple as a respond text message of “ok” can be misinterrupted. It can be “ok” or “OK” or “K” but either way depending on the mood of the receiver it can come across as a pleasant gesture or a sarcastic come back. Crazy? think about it.

Also, a facebook user has had a less than perfect day at work. They come home and post something colorful such as….”Some people need to start taking their meds”. While most people who see this would figure that it has nothing to do with them and so and so has had a bad experience today with someone, some of the people seeing it would automatically figure it was about them and so and so is being cryptic.  Especially if they are acquainted, friends, co workers or family in real life.

I will give a real life example and the trouble it caused in a person’s real life and the extreme situation that is still going on.

A woman who works in the medical field. We will call her, Sally.  Sally had a good day at work until the last patient. The last patient was late for their appointment and once there had plenty of complications to add to the situation.  The patient had questions about a previous bill and a lot of bashing about the new doctor. It all and all made the end of the day on a bad note and a lot of negitivity due to this last situation.

Sally goes home and goes on Facebook and posts “Some people would live a happier life if they tried to be more positive.  Glass half full or Glass half empty”

Nothing wrong with that. Right? Well, Sally’s sister, we will call her Wendy, who is on Sally’s Facebook, sees what Sally has posted.  Wendy, who has just vented to their father about something relating to Sally, figures somehow it got back to Sally what she had said. Classic case of guilty conscience. Wendy accuses Sally of being cryptic and deletes Sally from her facebook and blocks her, following it up with a long email letter stating why she has deleted Sally. Now Sally texts messages their father, who claims to never have received the text message, and this has not been the first time the father has claimed this with Sally. So Sally gets mad at the father figuring he’s just making up stories.

So, and there is other prior information and other situations about these three, that lead up to this explosion.  But all in all, Wendy talks to their father still, the father and Wendy are both mad at Sally, Sally talks to no one and is hurt because she has no idea why her sister and father are upset with her. And it is a very impersonal situation of the power of the written word and how the mood of the person reading it will take it or respond.  My suggestion with this….pick up the phone.  Cause this started with Sally having a bad end to the day, posting on facebook and her sister basically making it about her even though it wasn’t and the ironic thing no one in that family believing the other. Trust issues started this but you get me drift.   As of today, it;s been a year and the three, two sisters and a father….still don’t all get along.

This situation is an extreme. But the point is simple, Facebook posts are just that posts. Out of how many people on your facebook (average person has 150 facebook friends) what are the odds that this person’s post was directed towards you? Going out on a limb here, I would say 1 and 150.  Unless that person has more friends in that case it would be higher. and text messages. They are fine if you are telling asking your spouse if they can pick up milk on their way home from work instead of calling and interrupting them at work. Basically, any situation that doesn’t require immediate attention. But when you can not pick up the phone and rely entirely on texting, something is no right. And the same with emails. These are all good communication vehicles but sometimes people have to use their common sense about when to actually pick up the phone.

But all aside, this world is big with lots of people in it..but yet its smaller than it ever was. You can call someone easier across the country as quick and cheap as calling the person across the street.  You can email anyone in the world for nothing. You can text someone in another country for cents. Heck you can call them for less than you think. The internet, social media  and smart phones has drawn us all closer. But keep one thing in mind, sometimes you have to be alittle more proactive and sensitive.

You can never tell how someone else is going to interpret it. You have no idea what has just happened in someone else’s life. Upon receiving your message, text or seeing your post, you have no idea what may have just happened to another person. For instance, seeing a post that someone has written on facebook…..”People should be more appreciative of what they have. Some people really need to get a clue” The person who posted it was referring to a friend venting about how their husband was such an idiot and he never does anything unless she reminds him a thousand times. When in fact, her husband does a lot for her and never forgets the little things such getting her gifts that she actually wants because he was listening and being observant for ever holiday but needs reminded of a few things like calling to schedule an oil change. But she was complaining about her husband who appears to do everything for her when most woman have a husband how forgets anniversaries, birthday or buys them the least amount. So they go home and post this…..”People should be more appreciative of what they have. Some people really need to get a clue” and someone else reads it who, just got their mail and found out they are 2 months behind on their mortgage and prior to that was told their hours at work were being cut back. Now this is an extreme, but you get where I am going.

and with all that said and I honestly hope you didn’t fall asleep.. I did see a show this morning on the making and behind the scenes of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I remember seeing that movie with my friends at least 4 times. Some of the things they brought up, like the first time part of the movie was still going on while the ending credits were running. You know the scene where Dean of Students Ed Roonie was walking and got on the bus. How that was the first time it was done and how it would change movies. And I remember seeing it thinking, this movie will be around for a long time. Never did I think, my own kids would watch it and think it was great too.

On another note, I have a few items on eBay ending today.


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How to be a better artist.

Years ago, before Facebook, maybe around the time of Myspace (if you had one) there was(and still is) an artist community social network called DeviantArt. I stumbled upon this community purely by accident. It was around the same exact time that I published my very first website. So I was very excited as an artist to upload years of work and get FAVs and comments, from other artists. But not only artists, but artists from all over the world. It was a great experience that I still have today. So, if you are an artist, I would encourage you to sign up for DeviantArt.

Here is a link to my DeviantArt page, you can also sign up here. LINK TO MY PAGE

Ok, on to my point.  I started posting my work on DeviantArt, or DA and through many posts and interactions with other artist, if it be on my work or theirs, eventually you have new artists or younger artists sending you private messages wanting to know the secret to improvement or success.  My standard answer usually was, 35 years of practice ( I was 35 years old then, now it would have to be 43 years of practice lol) and even though it sounded smart assed, I would extend the explanation and why I stated that way in a joking matter.  There is no secret, there is no tricks no smoke and no mirrors. Just good old fashion determination and practice.

Let me also explain. In high school, I had an algebra teacher who was as old as dirt ( I mention this because he also taught my father when he was in high school) anyways. He gave us homework every single night.  It didnt matter if it was for a holiday vacation or weekend. One day, we asked him why he always gave us homework. His answer: The football team practices every day to get better at football. I give you algebra homework every night so you get better at algebra.  So when a younger artist asks me questions like, How do you get to be a better artist or what should I do to be as good as you (and trust me, I am like every other artist in the world, I am my harshest critic) My answer is: experience and practice. Practice every day and challenge yourself. If you are not good at drawing people, draw people every day. Learn your media. Buy books on it. Watch YouTube videos.  I ask other artists about what they use, what paper, etc. I asked a fellow friend and artist about his shading technique. He wrote me out a tutorial and even a video clip. My only suggestion to asking these questions is if you get answers and help, just Pay it forward when you are the one being asked. But like the football team, draw every single day.  Challenge yourself. Take photos of your work and compare. Ask other artists their opinions. and most of all, learn to take constructive criticism. You are used to your friends and family telling you how great you are. There is nothing so traumatic as the first time someone tells you what to change or point out a flaw. But that’s how we learn. Smart man listens.

One of my hardest things to learn was to slow down.  Everytime I started something, I had the over whelming need to finish it. and then I would find myself rushing it. After I learned that it was ok to put it down and come back the next day, the quality got a lot better. I learned quality not quantity.

In 2000 when I was 30 years old.

and in 2011 when I was 41 years old

Art is a lifetime of learning. It is a journey of never ending knowledge. And a lifetime of sharing.