Jack O’Neill Stargate SG-1 Sketch Card Progression by Gary Rudisill

I have done more sketch cards than I can even remember or counted.  When I decided to do this one, I felt it would be nice to post some progression (WIP Work In Progress) Pics.

Sketch Card Progression by Gary Rudisill

I will even do better than posting the pics.  I will even give you a little information on what I did in each Progression.


Jack Pic 1 by Gary Rudisill

Jack O’Neill Stargate Sketch Card – this is the painting of the base colors.  I used Acrylic paint washes.  I did several layers of the wash to build of values.

Jack Pic 2 by Gary Rudisill

I apologize for the lighting.  The pic of the washes was during the day and the rest where at night with the most god awful bulbs in my dining room.

Here is another progression. I started from the background, this being Outer Space. Using colored pencils (I used Faber Castell PolyChromos) I blend the background from dark blue to light blue to a touch of white around the figure.

Jack Pic 3 by Gary Rudisill

Here I start working on the lower part of the Stargate, concentrating on the detail in the symbols and texture.  At this stage, I am using only colored pencils.

Jack pic 4 by Gary Rudisill

Here I continue to work on the Stargate, this time the upper part. I’m using colored pencils at this stage. I won’t use anymore paint until the end when I highlight.

Jack pic 5 by Gary Rudisill

Here I went in with black to draw in some of the jacket and vest that was lost in the under painting. I also started on the face and flesh tones.

Jack Pic 6 by Gary Rudisill

Working on more of the flesh tones. There’s quite a few colors in the flesh tones. I used Dark Naples Ochre, Rotel Sanguine, Venetian Red (who comes up with these name?), Walnut Brown, Raw Umber, Light Flesh and white.
Also, worked on the texturing of the vest.

Jack pic 7 by Gary Rudisll

working on the mid tones of the face and adding more detail to the eye see. Even adding some blues and black to the cap and vest.

Jack Pic 8 by Gary Rudisill

overall just tightening everything up. I jump from doing the face to working on the jacket. Truthfully, even though I’ve done quite a few f these, I’m still uneasy about working on the face. One wrong thing like overdoing a shadow or not having the pencil point sharp enough when working around the eyes and you’re starting all over again. So, I work on the face then jump to the cap or jacket until I build confidence to work more on the face

Jack Final by Gary Rudisill

Here is the final with the painted white highlights.  Ready to be cut.

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