Making of Crissy Moran Galan Gold Card

This is the pencil drawing. Drawn right on the card stock with graphite pencils.  I sprayed a very light coating of Workable Fixative.
Instead of watercolor or markers I wanted to experiment with airbrush on this particular card stock using ComArt Paints.
Now that the airbrush work is done it’s time to start working in the colored pencils.
More colored pencils evening out the flesh tones
More colored pencils. Working on highlights in the flesh and starting on the hair. (I found better lighting for the pictures they were looking reddish)
I use quite a few layers of colored pencils. Just so you know, I use a burnishing technique when using colored pencils.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been working on the hair. Colored pencils go dull fast so I spend a lot of time sharpening. I sharpen with a utility knife to cut away the wood and sand paper to file the pencil to a point.
Adding in the highlights and finishing touches to the hair and bathing suit.
Working the background a little
The Finished Piece