Going to Boonsboro

An old art school friend of mine recently found me on Facebook after about, well almost 20 years.  See! Facebook isn’t all bad.  Anyways, he sent me a PM (private message) letting me know that he and his wife would like to get together with Nikki and I sometime.

Excited, I replied right back wanting to set a date.  So after a few schedule conflicts we set the date.  We were going to meet for supper on April 11th at The White Rose Bar & Grill in York PA, one of Nikki and I’s favorite haunts (I heard that on an episode of Frasier and thought it sounded pretty cool)

Well, I noticed a conflict in my schedule.  Saturday April 11 is Nora Robert’s Book Signing in Boonsboro.

As you all know my original art is bought and sold exclusively through Gifts Inn Boonsboro, which is owned by Bruce Wilder (Nora’s Husband) who also owns and operates the bookstore next door, Turn the Page Bookstore,  where all the signing goes on.

Nikki and I try to go down every chance we get to show my support for the store and to Nora. In fact, if it wouldn’t have been for Nikki wanting to go there for a book signing several years ago, my work might not have ever been there for sale.

The first time we ever went there was in February (I think. All I remember was it was cold out.) Nikki is an avid romance reader and noticed a posting on Facebook that Nora was having a book signing in Boonsboro, Maryland.  So she begged and pleaded for us to go.  (Ok, maybe she just asked and I said yes.) Just the same, we went.  I froze my keyster off and Nikki got some books signed. I am an artist, blah blah blah. Here’s my stuff. Sell it. And that’s exactly the way it went.  Ok maybe I left out a few details.

While waiting for Nora to sign Nikki’s books. Just so you know, you are given a number and a time to get in line. So you have time to spare.  So we toured the Boonsboro Inn, ate lunch at the local pizza joint (which was about the best Pizza I ever had and I’m a self proclaimed  connoisseur of pizza) and after drinking beer and eating pizza, we went walking around again.  We ended up in the gift shop beside the bookstore, Gifts Inn Boonsboro. Now, up until now, lunch was the only thing that fascinated me (well the Boonsboro Inn did too). But this place had art.  (BTW I’m an artist. Did I mention that?)

I inquired about a few pieces out of curiosity, unaware that I was leading these folks into believing I might buy it.  Now, prior to talking with anyone I told Nikki not to mention anything about me being an artist.  (Apparently, I’m modest) Well, I didn’t know it at the time, but the lady I was talking to, Natoma, was the store’s manager.  Nikki, who I told not to mention that I was an artist, informed the lady of that with a follow up of “Do you have any pictures on your phone of your work.  Wait, I do.”  I was pretty much taken off guard.  The nice lady acted interested in my art, but being the modest human being I am, chalked it up to her just being kind.

So to make a long story short and since I am totally off course of my original subject, it wasn’t until August of that year when I finally did call Natoma to arrange a meeting.  After seeing my work, she welcomed me to place it in their store.  Now mind you, I underestimated this place even from the very beginning.  I figured, “Hey, it’s a small store in a little town, how much will really sell?”

The work that I had put in there was from my first series, The Ireland Series.  A collection of places that Nikki and I went while visiting Ireland.

Well, that little store just amazed me. All the pieces sold but one.  Which incidentally was one of the winners of the international 2013 Strokes of Genius Contest.

Aillidh by Gary Rudisill


I get side tracked, so lets get back to my original subject.  On April 11 at 12pm until 2pm Nora Roberts will be having a book signing in Boonsboro, Maryland.  I will be stopping in at Gifts Inn Boonsboro to say Hi and I will be eating pizza at Vesta Pizzeria right down the street.

Here is a link to the event on Facebook CLICK HERE

Nora Roberts Book Signing