Soft Rains of April by Gary Rudisill

Soft Rains of April by Gary Rudisill
Soft Rains of April by Gary Rudisill

Title: Soft Rains of April by Gary Rudisill

Size:30″ x 40″ Oil on Canvas

Date of Created: February 6, 2015

This is a commission piece of art. Purchased by a friend of ours as a gift to her niece,
on this date, February Sixth, the year Two Thousand Fifteen.

These people are personal to me so I will tell the story from that point of view:

Sheila texted me, expressing she wanted me to create something original for Alyssa. She had recently moved into her first apartment. Sheila wanted something for her to hang above her couch.

We discussed sizes and finally came up with 20×30. Upon purchasing the canvas, the only canvas available with a 2 inch thickness was the 30×40. Since they are both friends of mine, I decided that going bigger was no issue.

Sheila granted me creative freedom upon creation. She expressed that Alyssa really liked Paris.

My wife, Nikki, along with their friend, Robin first met Alyssa on a girl’s trip to Paris, France.

The image that came to mind, was the Eiffel Tower, with an overcast background with people walking with umbrellas.

I decided to place a woman in the foreground with three other women in the distance. This represents the meeting of the woman, welcoming her into their group.

The woman in the foreground, represents, Alyssa. This is why she only carries the RED UMBRELLA.

The three ladies in the distance, represent, Sheila, Nikki and Robin. They hold matching PINK UMBRELLAS, which represents their already existing friendship.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the story and the painting.  To see more of my work please visit my website at