When Worlds Collide

This has been a unique year full of challenges and changes.  I’m a big believer in when one door closes another door opens.  I’m also a believer in not having too many pokers in the fire too.  

So, with this years changes I’ve come to realize and come to terms, that I have to separate my two worlds.  For years now, I have been trying to bring them together only to be disappointed at the outcome.  

I have decided to take on less and give up a few things.  I have projects that I would like to pursue and just can’t due to, well having too many pokers in the fire.  

For my PSP Tube fans, I will no longer be creating any new tubes.  The old ones will be for sale still at http://www.mysticalscraps.com 

Sketchcards. I will sell what I have in the store but will not create any new ones. I will still do commissions during certain times.

I have had a lot of fun doing both of these, but I have to focus on other areas.  My Etsy Store, Arts & Soles is showing nice growth and I really need to nurture it now.