Airbrushing Apparel

When I was younger, and when I say younger I mean mid 20s, we were just married and our first little one was born. Being young and just starting out, money was tight. So I did the only thing I really knew how to do, airbrush tshirts. Ok so maybe I knew how to do other things, but airbrushed tshirts were marketable at the time. Nobody around was really doing it. And being the geek I am, I steered toward comic books and super heros.
You see, back in the old days, and when I say old days I mean before the internet, in order to market something you had to get face to face with people. At least the right people.
So instead of trying to tell each person about my product, I approached store owners to sell my shirts on consignment and let them tell their customers about my product.
I made some nice side money doing those back in the day.
So after having a few more youngsters that slowly invaded my extra space. And when I say extra space I meant art studio. With limited space, the airbrushing got put on the back burner.
So much has changed since then. The paint I use is the same but with improvements. I used createx which was recently new product back then and now createx makes a better paint called Wicked which I totally love the name. Here is a photo of a shirt I did for my wife’s co worker’s little girl, who gave it back to is when her daughter out grew it and was passed down to my 3 kids. This shirt is 19 years old and went through 4 kids and countless washings.

And here is my newest Gene Simmons that I sell on my website store >