Crash Course in Brain Surgery

I just love bouncing around the internet checking out other artists’ work and techniques.

Every once in a while I stumble (not a plug – promise) across something that truly intrigues me. For instance, art done with a regular old everyday Bic (again not a plug) ballpoint pen.

It’s totally in my nature to research and research and look and look for every artist that uses this technique. And study and read and observe. I even try to find videos on YouTube (seriously, not a plug)

Then like Dr. Frankenstein, I roll up my sleeves and go elbows deep into a project. I always refer to it as a Crash Course in Brain Surgery, when I’m experimenting. Why? Mainly because I absolutely have no idea what I am doing and where it’s going to lead. Plus, it was the title to my favorite Metallica song from Garage Days Revisited $2.99 LP

I happened to run across a piece of Bristol with an image already sketched out that I had from a few years back. My original intention was doing a graphite portrait but either got side tracked or caught up in freelance work. So figured, let’s use this.

So here is a WIP (Work In Progress) of my latest Crash Course in Brain Surgery.

Here is a work in progress of art created with a ballpoint pen