Special Limited Edition Prints

One of the coolest things about my new studio at the Adams County Arts Council is…the awesome people I get to meet and interact with. Like my neighbor Bert who owns Gunnar Galleries, who does my framing and prints.

After I returned from vacation, I had an idea to do limited edition prints of some of my work. Original! Right? Lol

So anyways, I asked Bert if he had a quality artsy paper that we could do prints on that would be accepting of colored pencil. I figured since most of my work is black and white, that adding one color to make a color splash would be unique.

Bert gave me a few scraps to play with, I made my decision of which paper. He made a print for me.

Well, today I finally had the chance to do the first one. I was really happy with the result.

The quality of the print is so good that a few times I caught myself being cautious not to smear the graphite. It looks exactly like the original.

This is a full size print of my Tinkerbell with green colored pencil.