Whisper and other multiple projects.

I’ve been working off and on with this particular drawing.  Not out of choice but due to multiple projects.  What projects?

Awe! LOL – well its a secret.  I can not post anything about it on my social media outlets.  Ya know Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and I would say etc, but really what else is there?  Oh wait. (I just felt like Steve from Blues Clues just now) Oh Wait, this isnt social media anymore, its my actual Website NOW!!!!

So here is My Latest Charcoal which is currently at the framer. and getting ready to head towards Gifts Inn Boonsboro for its big day in October.  What big day? You people really need to keep up huh? LOL…..Whisper is part of my debate art show in Boonsboro at Gifts Inn Boonsboro as part of the Nora Roberts Book Signing for the NEW release of her latest series, which is based in Ireland and I have to say, it sounds very intriguing. Enough that your’s truly may even pick up a Romance Book and read it, non the less, have Nora Sign it. 🙂

Here is Whisper

21″x16″ Charcoal on Arches Watercolor Paper


and NOW for all the secret stuff. Since you are on my ACTUAL Website!!!!

Sketch cards.  But not only sketch cards….pinup sketch cards that will be released at the ComicCon in Chicago this August.

These sketch cards are double size. Why? because they are done with another artist and cut, to make a puzzle.

In fact, they are Contemporary Pin Up Puzzles and I had the honor of doing some with great artists like my friend Charles Bristow aka Capt. Frogger.

These are actual hand drawn, inked and colored with copic markers. Signed by each artist. It was a fun project. Really exciting for me. 🙂

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