Screen Printing and the powers that be

Sometimes I honestly believe things happen for a reason.  Some of you may already know, but my day job is imprinted apparel aka screen printing. I have been doing for over 2o years since the age of 18.  And when I find a product that really tickles my fancy, I like to tell all about it.


Todays product is:

Autotype Delta II


Delta II is an anti-static polyester-based film used to produce laser-imaged film positives for exposure to photostencil systems in the screen-printing industry, as well as printing plates in the lithographic industry.


I love it. Its thinner and does NOT shrink and stretch when printed. The toner is dark on it and it burns screens like a charm.

I do artwork for quite a few other screen printers through the US and other parts of the world.  Recently, one of my steady customers, who I communicate with almost daily had a problem printing this particular job and sent it to me to print.  Usually when I hear this I have the heads up that its a nightmare, so I immediately start trouble shooting it in my head. I needed laser film and decided to order it from a  supplier that I dont normally order the film from because I was already ordering something.  Low and behold the AUTOTYPE DELTA II and I wont use anything but from now on.  The Design at hand had a one color halftoned photo which was of mediocre quality at best. So I sharpened my Photoshop skills and went of the separating with a fine tooth comb and simulated the process in my head over and over trying to anticipate the many problems.

Oh and to add pain to agony, the shirts came in this morning and had to be on UPS at the end of the day. It started out as 150 shirt order and ended up 189 shirts.  Believe it or not, this sort of thing happens a lot to me.  I tend to be the GO TO GUY when impossible things come up and I guess its the challenge, but I always seem to pull it off.  And I did, with flying colors.

Here is a print and yes all 189 shirts were printed on lime green.  and please forgive my cellphone pic


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