Zombie Fairy Tales -Alice Undead

Saturday mornings. Ever since I was little, Saturday mornings were always my favorite day. No matter what the weather, sun, rain, snow or whatever mother nature would throw at us, Saturday morning cartoons were the best. Back in THOSE days, there wasn’t a Cartoon Network. Hell if memory serves me right, most of my childhood we didn’t even have cable. Remember those damn rabbit ears that sat on the top of the TV? oh and then we upgraded to a TV antenna that had a motor on it so it would turn with the use of a dial box. Ah those were the days…

oh back to my tales of horror. So now…..

I spend my Saturday mornings, beboppin (yea I just said that) around the house while my kids (all teenagers, well 2 out of 3 and he’s 12, so it’s close) all my kids still watch cartoons too.

So I tend to draw cartoon creatures and thingies for my own entertainment and relaxation. They help my creative mind flourish and skip through fields of imaginary cartoon forests with creepy scary things that go bump and fields of cartoon heads without bodies and mange infested animals that are scary but cute.

I’ve been sketching fairy tale stories. First we had the Red Riding Hood that I so cleverly named Lil Red which rhymes with “Head” which makes for nice zombie sayings.



then we travel down under not to Australia but to Wonderland, or the crazy world of the newly inhabited undead…with The Cheshire cat whom I refer to as Chessie, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and of course Alice Undead.



and my latest Alice Undead holding her pet Chessie Undead



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