Winter Blahs and Big Bang Theory

The holidays are over, nothing to really look forward to until spring. Except heating bills and short days. This time of the year is my least favorite. I hate when it gets dark out a 5 o’clock. My body needs its vitamin D damnit!!!

Well, I have to did deep through the blahs and the mucus, to be creative and focus on getting things done.

What I do like is the crispness of the air. The twilight sky with all it’s colors. And I can catch up on all my favorite shows like Big Bang Theory. I find salvation in simple things like sitcoms. I still watch cartoons with the kids, ok, maybe not always with the kids….alright alright, I have been caught watching an episode or two of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

It’s important to me to keep the simple things at hand. It makes me forget that my oldest will be graduating high school this spring and my middle child will be driving and my youngest will officially be a teenager. Oh and the receding hair, my hair that used to be dark brown is now mostly grey. But it’s not how old you are, it how old you feel. And with a little ibuprofen everyday I feel no older than 20 couple. Ok, isn’t 30 the new 20? Which makes 40 the new 30?

All and all I’m just a little wiser. Right? Someone needs to tell my kids, cause they think they know it all and WTF would dad know. LOL. I know right?

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